Transformers Autobots

Savage autobot 1

Transformers Salvage Autobot – He came from Allspark but does not have much ambition yet. 5+ $19.99

bumble bee Transformers BumbleBee Autobot – There were pictures all over of him and he was easily recognized by the decepticons so he changed his color. 13+ $24.99[/caption]

Transformers Chroma Autobot- He is the master of infiltration and sabotage. 5+ $24.99

Transformers Big Daddy

Transformers Big Daddy Autobot- He is really connected to his paint job, more than any war that’s going on. 5+ $19.99


Transformers Generations Brainstorm – He is a scientist that developed advanced weaponry for the Autobots. He has twin blasters and his head converts to pilot. 5+ $24.99