Did You Know That -The Walking Dead is Filmed in Georgia

Did you Know?

The Walking Dead is mostly filmed in Georgia.[62] The series is completely shot on 16 mm film.[63]The director of photography was David Tattersall for the pilot episode and then David Boyd as the director of photography on the remainder of the episodes. Greg Melton and Alex Hajdu do production design. The effects team includes veteran special effects makeup designer Gregory Nicotero, special effects coordinator Darrell Pritchett, and visual effects supervisors Sam Nicholson and Jason Sperling.[64]a\




220px-Comic-Con_2010_-_Walking_Dead_booth Walking Dead 2010 Comic-Com Booth


Bear McCreary was hired to compose the score for the series. He chose to use a simple, repeating motif from the strings section.[56]

It repeats over and over and in fact in the pilot episode, you start hearing it before the main title begins. and this is something that continues episode to episode. You hear the main title music before the main title begins, so you know it is coming. That, to me, was the little hook – that little thing that, whenever you hear it, it takes you to the series.

— Bear McCreary[56]



Four soundtracks for The Walking Dead have been released to date. The Walking Dead: AMC Original Soundtrack, Vol. 1 was released on March 17, 2013.[57] The second volume was released on March 25, 2014.[58] Songs of Survival is a soundtrack for the third season and it was released on August 27, 2013, by Republic Records as a Walmart exclusive for the special edition release of the third season.[59] Songs of Survival, Vol. 2 is a soundtrack for the fourth season and it was released on August 26, 2014, by Republic Records as a Walmart exclusive of the fourth season release.[60]


The Makeup

The executive producer Gregory Nicotero is the key special effects makeup artist on the series. Each walker is put through “zombie school” and is taught how to move like zombies. The three levels of zombie makeup are: Hero, Midground, and Deep Background. The Hero zombies are featured walkers and are completely made over from head to toe and the Midground zombies get highlights and shadows on the face, but do not get close enough to the camera to require full makeup. Deep background zombies often wear masks and are only meant to be used as a backdrop.[61]

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