The Revell Model Kits Story

The Revel Model Kits Story

Here is a brief history.

In the 1940’s an injection molding company called Precision Specialties was founded by Lou Glasser, a California entrepreneur.  They did contract work for other companies.  Gowland and Gowland was the first in the 1950’s to design the most popular today 1/32 scale “Highway Pioneers” line of 30 cars which were mass- produced plastic automotive  “model” kits. They were marketed by Glasser for 69 cents through Woolworth Dime Stores.  They sold well and Glasser realized that Revel should sell specifically plastic model kits.

The first kit produced was the 1953 USS Missouri in a narrow box, and then the F-94C, F7U-1, and F9F-6 were made quickly in one piece boxes. These kit numbers began with H followed by the kit number and the price.

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